Music Lessons

Piano - Guitar - Voice - Violin - Theory - Drums - Bass - Keyboard - Organ

The Ontario Conservatory of Music has offered high quality, fun, and educational music lessons with qualified teachers since 1939. We welcome students and aspiring musicians starting at four years of age, and from all experience levels. It's never too late to start learning a musical instrument!

Our courses for children have been carefully selected and refined to ensure your child succeeds. For adults we offer private lessons on an informal basis, and are happy to match the needs and goals of each individual. Exams are not mandatory, and lesson times are flexible. If you're just getting started and don't have an instrument they are available to rent. First month is free!

What are the benefits to studying music?

  • Character - Music education is an important step to broadening knowledge and character.
  • Confidence - The ability to play an instrument creates poise, self-assurance, initiative and leadership.
  • Healthy Attitude - Relieves tension and stress, creates healthy attitudes, well-being and mental awareness.
  • Discipline - Music is a constant study of discipline and one of the best ways to learn the necessity and value of it.

Lessons are $24 for a half-hour once a week. All lessons are paid in advance at the beginning of each month.

Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Private lessons for children ages four and up and adults of all ages. We have courses available for students of all skill levels - from beginner to advanced. In our courses we cover note reading, ear training, proper fingering, and both technical and performance skills. Focus on a specific genre, like rock, blues, jazz or classical, or learn a bit of everything.

Guitar and Bass Lessons

Whether your're looking for guitar or bass, acoustic or electric we have something for you! Our private guitar lessons are for students five and older, and available to students with any level of experience. Learn to read music, tabs, and chord charts correctly. Learn how to improvise, and play music from all genres including rock, pop, blues, jazz, classical, folk, and country.

Violin Lessons

A violin will be provided to you, free of charge, for the first month. Whether it's country style fiddle or classical violin, learn to play correctly from the very beginning. Strong note reading skills make for strong players, so we begin by learning to read music. Progress at your own pace and have fun as you explore the world of music with expert help from your teacher!

Voice Lessons

Available for aspiring singers of all ages, our voice lessons will help you find and prepare your singing voice. Learn breathing techniques, and warm-up exercises. Choose songs from a wide variety of genres, and take opportunities to show off your voice in front of an audience. Voice lessons are open to students of all ages, and no previous experience is necessary.

Drum Lessons

Whether you want to play solo or with a group in a band setting, our drum lessons are for you! Learn how to read drum music correctly, work on counting and timing, and play all styles including rock, pop, country, hip hop, rap - or whatever genre feeds your soul! With help from your teacher, the sky is the limit! Drum lessons are available for students ages four and up.

Ukulele and Banjo Lessons

If you've been wanting to finally pick up that ukulele or banjo and learn to play, then give us a call! We offer casual lessons for all ages. Come on in and learn to read music, or just learn to chord along to your favourite songs. No experience is required.

Organ and Accordion Lessons

Our organ and accordion lessons are available to students four and up of any skill and experience level. We offer preparation for both RCM and OCOM exams, as well as casual lessons for adults who just want to play and have fun!

Theory Lessons

Our theory lessons are open to students of all levels and ages. We offer Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Rudiments, History and Harmony, as well as OCM, RCM, and post-secondary entrance exam preparation. Group and private lessons available.


For those who wish to take exams, we can prepare you for Ontario Conservatory of Music and Royal Conservatory of Music exams.