Band Program

Ever wanted to play in a band? Perform in front of an audience? Now's your chance! We give you the tools, you supply the talent. Who knows what could happen!

Our Rock Band Program is available to students of all ages and levels of experience - we even have adult bands! We work together with the students to choose songs that they want to play.

Some of the benefits to joining a rock band program include:

  • Develop rhythm and ear
  • Study musical improvisation
  • Learn to work and play along with other musicians and instruments
  • Gain a practical use for skills taught during regular lessons
  • Boosts in self-confidence and esteem
  • Helps encourage students to practice their instrument
  • Experience performing for an audience
  • Have fun and make new friends

The program runs in eight week intervals, with hour-long weekly lessons followed by a performance at the end of the session.

YouTube Videos

For more great performances, check out our YouTube channel.

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